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noselift, rhinoplasty

• Noselift (Rhinoplasty)

Asians have predominantly flat noses or the wide-based noses. And many have desired to improve the Oriental nose. A combination of a clinical eye and an aesthetic sense is required to create a beautiful nose. For a natural look, Asians should not have high bridge pointed noses like the Caucasians.

The Noselift is generally done to enhance the nasal bridge. A synthetic biocompatible material is carved and molded to suit the patient’s face and then inserted in the nasal dorsum to increase the nasal height.

For patients with wide-based noses, the Noselift can be combined with a Nosetrim. Excess nasal tissue is removed and sutured back into place to create a trimmer nasal base opening. This is done under local anesthesia. Swelling and bruising are maximal during the first 2-3 days and eventually subside. Sutures are taken out after 1 week.