Vaser lipo, Vaser hi def, six pack abs, Manila Philippines

Vaser High Definition Liposculpture

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Journey to his six packs--2 years, 5 surgeries later.

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34 year old athlete, has genetically determined love handles that he cannot shed off how much he tries.  Underwent Hi def lipo and trimmed to perfection.

   vaser hi def, liposuction, Manila Philippines vaser hi def, liposuction, Manila Philipppines

Just 2 months post op, goes to the gyn but his six packs never showed up until the VASER Hi def procedure.

   vaser liposuction, VASER hi def  vaser hi def liposuction


24 year old, gym buff, cant take off love handles and donut in waist, already has the six packs but wanted more definition.  Now he has the V-shape, clearly defined abs and muscular chest.

     vaser hi def     vaser hi def lipo

41 years old

     Vaser hi def, liposuction, six pack abs, abdominal etching, Manila Philippines    Vaser hi def, liposcution, Six pack abs, Abdominal etching, Manila Philippines


     vaser hi def, six pack abs    vaser hi def, six pack abs

47 years old

 Liposuction, Vaser hi defBefore   After     Liposuction, Vaser hi def

34 years old

Robbie Before

Robbie After
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Robbie After Picture 2
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Robbie After Picture 3