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Breastlift and reduction
Breastlift and reduction Breast reduction via VASERlipo and periareolar breast lift procedure
Gynecomastia with VASER Hi Def
Gynecomastia with VASER Hi Def Man boobsor gynecomastia is treated with VASERlipo with pectoral definition and augmentation using autologous fats


Breast Reduction and Breastlift

Breast Reduction is for women who are overly endowed women but are bothered by their beasts for aesthetic or health reasons. For sagging breasts, BreastLift is the solution.

If sagging is caused by heavy breasts a patient needs a combination treatment. Roura DermSurgery uses VASER Breast Reduction, called Liposelection, to remove fat from the breasts. Breast tissue is left intact to retain its sensation. Lactation and breastfeeding remain normal. Depending on the breast skin tone, this procedure may leave her skin scarless or may have a minimal inconspicuous scar around the areola.


Gynecomastia is the enlargement of the male breast. Although a big muscular chest is always desired, large fatty breasts on a male chest is not desirable. This is a common source of embarrassment causing a low self- esteem for most men. They avoid taking their shirt off to go swimming and wearing of tight shirts makes it more noticeable.

Now this problem can be treated easily with Liposelection only by VASER. Fatty tissues of the male breast are taken out via small inconspicuously place incisions to decrease and flatten the chest. This leaves a more defined pectoral muscle.

The patient will be placed under sedation.  First, a special saline solution is infused to numb the area and shrink the blood vessels.  Then with VASER technology,  small probe is inserted to liquefy the fats on contact.  Then gentle suction and massage of the reshaped area is performed.  A compression garment is worn for 2 weeks.  Patients are expected to take antibiotics.