• Choose the Best Aesthetic Center to Transform Your Appearance

    Undergoing a cosmetic procedure gives you a more youthful and vivacious appearance. Patients willing to undergo a cosmetic surgery should know that choosing the right cosmetic surgeon is important. Safety other than the result is ideally the most important consideration of every patient.

    Why Facelift Surgery in the Philippines?

    With the standards at par with the US and European counterparts, facelift surgery Philippines utilizes high-tech surgical equipment, and modern and digital facilities. But unlike its foreign counterparts, the rental space, cost of living, and salary of the staff are significantly lower in the Philippines, thus allowing the aesthetic centers to charge reasonable fees for the cosmetic procedures. Not all surgical procedures that are more reasonable means they are of inferior quality. If fears arise, recommendations are good evidence to check on the quality.

    RouraDerm Aesthetic and Cosmetic Surgery Center

    When we’re talking of qualified, experienced, and skilled surgeons; we can only be pertaining to RouraDerm Surgery Clinic. Headed by safety proponent surgeon Dr. Claudine S. Roura, RouraDerm Surgery Clinic along with other licensed and industry renowned surgical experts, they guarantee that their all-inclusive cosmetic services are not only correct and accredited by the Philippine Board of Plastic Surgery, but their combined knowledge, ability, and experience ensure total satisfaction as well.

    RouraDerm Aesthetic Center prides itself with the advanced cosmetic surgery equipment and technology that will provide you with the complete range of services that best caters to your aesthetic needs from facelift surgery Philippines, to browlift eyelid surgery PH and eye bags removal Philippines.