• Dr. Roura-Providing Top-Class Skills and Experience in Cosmetic Surgery

    Are you looking to reshape your breasts? Want a full and attractive butt? Tired of dreaming how to lend your body the perfection you always sought? If you answered “yes” to any of these aforementioned questions, then cosmetic surgery is the right option for you.

    But, as you already know, cosmetic surgery can be expensive. So, what are your options? The best option is – Get it done in the Philippines.

    Now you must be wondering: Why to have cosmetic surgery in the Philippines? Simple – You can get the best treatment at affordable prices. Yes, you read it right; you can save more than half the amount you would spend in Europe, Asia, Canada, Australia, or in the U.S.

    If your concern is the level of expertise and experience that cosmetic surgeons have overseas, then you should rest easy knowing that Dr. Roura is one of the highly educated, trained and skilled cosmetic surgeons in the Philippines.

    Even among cosmetic surgeons with extensive years of experience and training, Dr. Roura is considered one of the best. She is the first and the only liposurgeon in the Philippines skilled and certified to perform VASER High Definition Liposculpture, 4DLipo, butt augmentation surgery, and HD tummy tuck. One only has to experience a single visit of treatment from Dr. Roura to appreciate not only her mastery of the craft, but also her meticulous attention to each of her fortunate patients.

    To her, the ultimate goal is to make patients satisfied and confident about the way they look. So, for butt lift or breast augmentation in the Philippines, contact Dr. Roura now!