Dermsurgeon offers Vaser HI Def liposculpture service

    VASER High Definition liposculpture (VASER Hi def) surgical body building technique will give hopefuls as advanced body contouring procedure from the well trained hands and artful eye of Dr. Claudine Roura, The Philippine's first dermsurgeon trained and certified by the Father of this techinique himself in 2008, Dr. Alfredo Hoyos, in Bogota Colombia.  Thei dea is more than just trimming away fat and making the person slimmer.  Vaser Hi Def removed the deep and superficial fats which block the details of the underlying muscles which leaves a natural believable results through the expertiese of the board certified liposcurgeon who can expertly go into "places" that are off limits in the body and never before achieved by conventional liposuction.   For more information, contact (532) 5564878.

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