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Vaser Hi def Butt lift at The Doctors video link

Posted by Claudine Roura on Thu, Sep 17, 2009 @ 07:48 AM

Hi, I forgot to send the llnk to this very interesting video about the COLOMBIAN HI DEF BUTT LIFT.  It was featured in the TV show, The Doctors.  Please watch,  Enjoy!!!

VASER hi def Butt lift at The Doctors

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The Colombian Hi def Butt lift using VASER

Posted by Claudine Roura on Wed, Sep 16, 2009 @ 08:52 AM

buttocks augmentation   hi def butt lift

buttocks augmentation hi def butt lift


There has been so many intrigues regarding blotched butt augmentation procedures using Hydrogel and the dreaded silicone oils.  Its out in the news papers, so lately people have been scared of the procedure.  But really what are the options out there.  Initially, the old technique of scrupulous mds and non-mds are the silicone injections, at the start there is immediate improvement and satisfaction, everyone wanted a injection either for the breast, nose, eyebags, chin cheeks and any place where you can inject this oil.  It was so cheap that is why it was a big hit.  But after several years comes the problem of reactions, infections, necrosis, deformities, migration, hardening and cacifications of the injected silicone oil.  Next comes the hydrogel injections to the buttocks, everyone thought it was problem free because it was made mostly of water....but they were wrong.  The newer buttocks implant came to play, it is as safe as the breast implants only that is is a major operation that leaves you with a firm behind with a big scar.  And finally the next big thing in body sculpture and body contouring, the COLOMBIAN HI DEF BUTT LIFT.  Using the Vaser machine to emulsify fat and shape the body, fat is harvested from unwanted accumulations of fat and is then transfered into the buttocks.  Intamuscular, superficial and deep subcutaneous injections to give volume to the buttocks.  Previous reports of fat transfer to the buttocks does not work or last is due to the technique.  With the high definition technique you are assured of long lasting results.  And the best part is its your own fat and not a foreign material.

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