Surgical Body Building

surgical body buidling, Vaser hi def lipo


surical body building, Vaser hi def


Featured Client-Tessa Prieto-Valdes

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She has a beauty uniquely her own. Flawless skin, thanks to good genes and only the best care available. Fit body, thanks to a regular health and fitness regimen.    read more

Featured Client - Lovely Rivero

VASER lipo, liposuction, Cosmetic surgery, Manila Philippines

A Lovelier Lovely Rivero

By Robbie Pangilinan

She had one of the prettiest faces in the famous That’s Entertainment show, making her name truly befitting. Lovely Rivero was captivatingly lovely back in the ‘80s when she shone her brightest. And up until now, in her midlife, she remains beautiful.                                                            read more


Skin care, dermatologist, Manila PhilippinesArmed with in-depth training in dermatology, the whole range of dermatological conditions can be managed. From the most pathological condition to the latest in skin care, We are equipped with the knowledge and equipment to give the best that medical aesthetic science can offer. read more


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Featured Client - Priscilla Meirelles

Featured Client - Alex Crisano

vaser hi def, liposuction, cosmetic surgery,Manila Philippines

Yes, he has a body to die for. Eight-pack abs, sculpted shoulders, a chiselled chest, and the leanest sides. But for popular PBA player Alex Crisano, being sexy is more than these. He defines sexy as being healthy.                                                                read more

VASER High Definition Lipo

VASER lipo, liposuction cosmetic surgery, Manila Philippines

High Definition Lipo

3D sculpting highlights muscle tone

High-definition liposculpture is a technique developed by Alfredo Hoyos, M.D. that involes removal of deep and superficial fat to enhance the visibility of well toned abdominal muscles. It is performed with Ultrasound-assisted lipoplasty (Liposelection, VASER) and is intended generally for fit men and women who seek greater visibility of their muscular detail. Successful outcomes depend on intensive training of the surgical technique combined with the understanding of how superficial anatomy influences external appearance.

“VASER Hi Def elevates liposculpting to a new, higher level and targets a whole new demogprahic group in the population who would otherwise never have considered themselves candidates for liposuction. As a result, it can be perceived as an adjunct to a fitness program rather than a response to failure.”

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5 Day Slimming

Fast and Easy weight loss

No Hunger, No deprivation, easy to follow

5 Day slimming, weight loss diet, Manila Philippines

Five Star Rating Excellence in Plastic Surgery Award

IHCfive star rating

Above USA's National Average

Francine Prieto Slims down with Zerona


Zerona slimming, non surgical slimming non invasive body contouring, Manila Philippines


varicose vein treatment, Manila PhilippinesRouraDermSurgery is one of the rare centers in the Philppines offering this innovative treatment. Being specialized in phlebology. Varicose Veins of different sizes and severity are treated non-surgically with remarkable results. The latest techniques gathered from numerous trainings abroad are used to give precise treatments that has never before been possible. read more